Friday, March 20, 2009

KRS-1 : Loves Jesus, Hates Burger King

Ok, Infowars listen up.  I agree with your basic mission statement about Barack sucking, and how he is not capable of any real change because he doesn't wield any real power.  I'm not a baby, I understand how that shit works.  Basically the same as Bush? Sure he is.  In the pocket of big finance? Yup.  Fine, I'm basically on your team, crazy "documentary," but I need some convincing from people who are smarter then me.  Who ya got for me to really drive your theory home?  Oh, just a little guy we like to call Joe Rogan.  No big deal.  Yeah you know, that shitty comedian that made people eat balls on Fear Factor and promotes Axe Bodyspray to d-bags on Ultimate Fighter?  Political pundit is just on of the many hats many hats Joe Rogan wears.  Not only do you ask Joe fucking Rogan anything (already dubious) you put a soundbyte from him in THE FIRST 5 MINUTES OF YOUR MOVIE!!   Whaaa? No one on this project thought that was a bad idea?  Fuck it guys, let's stick Joe "voice of a generation" Rogan right up front.   "But boss we have a really great clip of  Zizek..."  Nope sorry no time.

Then after telling us over and over again about how the President wields no power they dare to tell us who would be better in a puppet position.  Kusinich? Ron Paul?  Are you fucking kidding me??  JFK was the last "real" president?  Fuck right off you crazy retard.  I think the last real President was Martin Van Buren.  Oh wait, does that sound stupid?  That's because it IS stupid.  Spoiler alert infowars EVERY PRESIDENT SUCKS.  Liking the president is like being super in love with the police, or saying the Beatles were sucky at making music or hating fun.  It makes you an unreliable dick.  At least Loose Change was scary and insane, not just boring dads talking about how money rules the world.  Wait Whaaat? Really?  Faaaaaart.  

But seriously... Joe Rogan? Come on. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Body Butter

What did you say? You missed our free show at Cake Shop? You dummy. Fine, we'll play again so you can see us be awesome. It will be closer to your apartment, but this time it ain't gonna be free (sorry Fugazi). Bullshit giveth and Bullshit taketh away. 

Get ready cause we are gonna be really good. I mean REALLY good.

March 5th @ The Charleston
DESERTER (CD release-more like CDeez nutz release)
COP CITY (starring Sly Stallone)
KABUKI IRON KOLORS (name too long-or perfect length if they let us borrow gear)

Don't come if you're a bummer or ride a bike with no brakes.