Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Have You Blogged For Me Lately?

Oh, hello. You're looking well. Me? Well, obviously I'm doing awesome. By "I'm" I mean "we'm" and by "awesome" I mean "we haven't played a show or even talked to each other in a loooong time." So yeah, we're "awesome."

BUT GUESS WHAT? WE'RE BACK! (youth of today riff plays)

And by "back" I mean we have a new guitar player (Dan Mitha R.I.P.) named "Randy" Andy Reuland. He plays in another band you may have heard of called Les Savy Fav. Heard of 'em much? Huh? No? Way to listen, no-ears. They are supes fame (for the adults that means "Super famous"). He's old and angry which is all we really require for a Bullshit slot, but thankfully he also plays an instrument....very well. In fact, that almost disqualified him (Dan Mitha R.I.P.).

Also we have tye-dye violent bullshirts. They are amazing and mainly for adults with jobs or dads and moms that don't want to embarrass their children. But if you want want one too, fine.


It's at Union Pool (duh.), and it's gonna be siiiiick (for adults that means "good" or "great").
March 25th w/Open Ocean and Bubbles. J Penry "curated" it (ew). He and I will also be spinning party jams after the show (kewl).

See you there or whatever.