Monday, February 15, 2010

It's like Lincoln v. Douglas, but totally stupid.

So after years of trying to describe this to friends-a genius at More Than A Witness digitized it and put it on his site. So the basic set-up is that Sam from Evac Records, Charles Maggio from Rorschach/Gern Blandstein, Sam and Adam from Born Against had a "debate" on the radio against Pete from SOIA and Steve from InEffect Records. What you get is a whole lot of hardcore hilarity.

Highlights are:

1. Born Against bringing notes and still not having an easy time articulating their issues beyond "the lyric sheets are censored."

2. A heated exchange about home taping. It's the free download of the 80's!

3. Finally everyone agrees that violence should not be a part of the scene right before Pete Koller punches someone in the face. Way to punch Pete! Just remember we can't punch our pain away, OK friend?

It's easy to be totally dismissive of Born Against here because they sound like babies who don't understand how words work, but they were young and idealistic about the genre. Their world was abcnorio and 'zines whereas SOIA and Agnostic Front were tired of getting in tons of hammer-fights and each had like a thousand kids or something. SOIA needs to feed their babies Born Against! Plus how is a kid from Missouri gonna know when clobberin' time is if they can't get the record at their local Coconuts? These are all tough questions that we has hardcore professionals still deal with everyday.

I don't know who Pete punched, but I hope it was Adam- he was soooo annoying, you guys.

Listen to it here:

Also Make sure to check out More Than a Witness blog beacuse it is full of awesome stuff. I just downloaded a live B'LAST show that is super siiiiick.