Friday, December 26, 2008

Neil Year's Eve

Not unlike Martin and Lewis, Chuck and Flava, and Rodney and Dangerfield's-the loveable duo Penry and Green are on for NYE and will help you break every goddamn resolution you make the same night you make it.  Just to beat you to the punch you can't say your resolutions are things like "having fun" or "listening to good music" ok, wiseass?  

The Albert and Costello of DJ'ing (that's us again-ugh this is getting exhausting) will be working for you filthy animals all night on New Year's Eve this year at Enid's.  Trust me when I say it's work-cause we all know it's amateur hour on NYE and we, as seasoned pros of partying, have been asked to try to bring down your flaming plane of an evening as softly as possible.  So stop pretending that you are going to "do something really great this year" and just show up at the bar you know you'll end up at anyway.  I have like a million awesome records and Penry has at least a zillion-so between us it's gonna fucking slay.  Come kiss me on the mouth when it's midnight I promise I'll keep my lips closed this year. (psych! I'm totally gonna french!)

Friday, December 19, 2008

There's No Need To Be Afraid

So here's the final product of the fake charity song that is actually for charity that made a nerd at Gawker so angry he thought Fred Armisen was black. 

I think it came out pretty good - until I saw this!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Charity Done Right Is Like A 69

So Tim Harrington from from Les Savy Fav has a show on called "Beardo."  It's mainly funny business.  You know, like skits and one-act plays, stuff like that.  On Monday I helped him with a very special episode- and no, no one touches anyone in the bathing suit area.  It's for a charity or some crap like that.  All I know is I got free beer and a duet with Moby.  I was easily in the top 3 least famous people there which is saying a lot because the most famous person was..well, Moby I guess.  Is Andrew W.K. still famous?  He was there.  Ah hell, who cares? It's for charity!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Small Screen/Big Time

This is from our show last Monday at the Charleston.  If you missed it, we were really good.  And I'm not just gonna say that and claim it's a fact without good hard evidence (looking at you "global warming") - here's a video someone shot to prove it.  I'm not exactly sure why he wanted it to look like a WWII propaganda film, but whatevs...