Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks-for-nothing Day!

This is a post-Thanksgiving show. No I'm not going to make any jokes about how you can get into the show if you bring some blankets infected with small pox, or that sitting politely while your racist Aunt talks about Puerto-Ricans (or if your Aunt is Puerto-Rican, Dominicans) has earned you a spot on our guest list. I'm not gonna go on and on about how my tryptophan dealer is the best in the city, or how no matter how long you brine a turkey it still tastes like shit. I'm not gonna do that. It's just a show. A post-pro-colonization holiday show. (Thanksgiving, or ThanksTAKING, am I right?)

Whatever. It's over. Stop bitching about it, already. Pretty soon you can start making your crappy Christmas jokes. But until then COME HEAR SOME MUSIC!!

VIOLENT BULLSHIT (we are super good and have cool merch!)

WILD YAKS (we play with them all the time because they rule.)

COLUMBOID (Who knows?? Maybe they're good. Give it A chance you dick!)

All at the fantastic SAINT VITUS BAR @1120 Manhattan ave in Greenpoint!


Friday, November 11, 2011


So I just found out our band has a twitter acount! So sool, dudez! Lots of lolz and roflz and fartz! I'll be tweeting the latest celeb news (ex. "Martin Luther King was assassinated!" or "Just gave the Joker drugs! Hope he has fun!!). But it won't just be limited to lazy, offensive, jokes. I'll put in effort occasionally too. Honestly. It's impossible to please you animals, but I will try.

If you like topical humor, Cro-Mags jokes (decidedly not topical), and information about our band then follow us at @violentbullshit.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Have You Blogged For Me Lately?

Oh, hello. You're looking well. Me? Well, obviously I'm doing awesome. By "I'm" I mean "we'm" and by "awesome" I mean "we haven't played a show or even talked to each other in a loooong time." So yeah, we're "awesome."

BUT GUESS WHAT? WE'RE BACK! (youth of today riff plays)

And by "back" I mean we have a new guitar player (Dan Mitha R.I.P.) named "Randy" Andy Reuland. He plays in another band you may have heard of called Les Savy Fav. Heard of 'em much? Huh? No? Way to listen, no-ears. They are supes fame (for the adults that means "Super famous"). He's old and angry which is all we really require for a Bullshit slot, but thankfully he also plays an instrument....very well. In fact, that almost disqualified him (Dan Mitha R.I.P.).

Also we have tye-dye violent bullshirts. They are amazing and mainly for adults with jobs or dads and moms that don't want to embarrass their children. But if you want want one too, fine.


It's at Union Pool (duh.), and it's gonna be siiiiick (for adults that means "good" or "great").
March 25th w/Open Ocean and Bubbles. J Penry "curated" it (ew). He and I will also be spinning party jams after the show (kewl).

See you there or whatever.

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's like Lincoln v. Douglas, but totally stupid.

So after years of trying to describe this to friends-a genius at More Than A Witness digitized it and put it on his site. So the basic set-up is that Sam from Evac Records, Charles Maggio from Rorschach/Gern Blandstein, Sam and Adam from Born Against had a "debate" on the radio against Pete from SOIA and Steve from InEffect Records. What you get is a whole lot of hardcore hilarity.

Highlights are:

1. Born Against bringing notes and still not having an easy time articulating their issues beyond "the lyric sheets are censored."

2. A heated exchange about home taping. It's the free download of the 80's!

3. Finally everyone agrees that violence should not be a part of the scene right before Pete Koller punches someone in the face. Way to punch Pete! Just remember we can't punch our pain away, OK friend?

It's easy to be totally dismissive of Born Against here because they sound like babies who don't understand how words work, but they were young and idealistic about the genre. Their world was abcnorio and 'zines whereas SOIA and Agnostic Front were tired of getting in tons of hammer-fights and each had like a thousand kids or something. SOIA needs to feed their babies Born Against! Plus how is a kid from Missouri gonna know when clobberin' time is if they can't get the record at their local Coconuts? These are all tough questions that we has hardcore professionals still deal with everyday.

I don't know who Pete punched, but I hope it was Adam- he was soooo annoying, you guys.

Listen to it here:

Also Make sure to check out More Than a Witness blog beacuse it is full of awesome stuff. I just downloaded a live B'LAST show that is super siiiiick.

Friday, January 29, 2010

J.J. Abrams - Rest In Peace

So Howard Zinn and J.D. Salinger are dead (or was it J.K. Rowlings?- I hope not!)! A lot of cool JR. High school kids are crazy bummed right now and to be honest so are we. Harry Potter was a great book and so was "America : Get Over Yourself-The Unauthorized Biography" or whatever it was called where you find out that the Indians got fucked over and stuff. (Sorry Indians!)

Anyfart, I think both Mr. Zinn and Mr. Salinger would like Violent Bullshit and would want you to come to our show on Saturday. We all are borderline anarchists (except Byron-he's Jewish), and I once paid for a prostitute just to talk. Plus we've been practicing!

@ Jim Bruar Falls

We play at 11:30 for reals! See you there!

PS. I know it's been like forevs (sorry so forevs) since I posted on this blog-but I'm back in a New Blog Groove or whatever ...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Crappy New Ears

Dan at his throne, White knees naked through threadbare jeans, Full of buttholes.

Beards gather, bandana'd, and

Byron, backed up, Bends and breaks his A string.

I looks down at my riff and mousse gets In my eyes.

Oh Jayson!, 21 again, “behind you!” with a Fixed-gear mic.

Where's Toshi? Oh, there's Toshi. He's found the sick Way to do it.

Lady and gentlemen, Violent Bullshit.