Sunday, February 22, 2009

We Are Good

The show was fun.  Can you tell?  I mean these photos don't make it totally clear, but believe me when I tell you-we were sick.  So sick in fact we made $40 bucks! And got 2 free drinks!!  Momma, your baby boy has finally made it.  

We debuted some new material : "Hey, Seattle Fuck Off," "Read and Write," and "My Band Just Doesn't Understand Me."  All A+ except Seattle gets an A- cause some girl punched me and I couldn't sing for a second.  Sheesh.  Women.  Am I right guys?

Midnite Till Death put a lot of effort into making this a fun night.  They projected scenes from "Street Trash" and "Deadbeat At Dawn"-awesome...They also DJ'ed and threw T-shirts at people. Basically, if you missed this - ya blew it.  We love you, but you blew it.    

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Thrashin' Suren said...

i reviewed/posted photos from this show.