Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Me Post-y?

"So where have you been?" you might be asking.  "You type a crazy rant about Joe Rogan and then disappear for a month? How does that make us feel, as loyal and avid readers of this blarg?"

Well, first of all it's spelled "blog" though it is pronounced "blarg."  Second-well there is no second.  I just didn't feel like it ok?  I had my birthday, and you only turn 21 once so there has been lots o' celebrating.  We played some shows with some pretty sweet bands and we were totally awesome.  Also we are saving up our wisecracks for the FEAR show next week.  Oh brother is that ever gonna be ridiculous.  I know saying that we are excited to play with FEAR basically a headline of "No Shit Magazine," but oh my blog you guys -it's sooo awesome!  

Anyway, sorry so short.  We miss you too and we're sorry for sending you text messages at 3:30 am that say "u still out?"   We're working on that.

Violent Bullshit

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