Thursday, August 14, 2008

Colt 45 Hates Black People

So some idiot decided to film our show with Cheeseburger and put it online. So in interest of full disclosure we're going to share it with you. Keep in mind Bernie Mac just died, we were drunk, it was our fourth show, and Colt 45 sponsored it (hence all the jokes at their expense).  Here's a few goals for VBS in the next few months:
1. Buy tuners
2. Don't be so drunk
3. Learn the songs we are playing live.
4. Fuck it 

Part 1 : Toshi learns the basics.

Part 2: Drink up focus groupies!

Part 3: It's not a tye-dye it's fire from a dragon and distro jokes.

Part 4: Dedicated to all the superfans and a need for tuners.

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