Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Men

Went to see Judas Priest, Heaven & Hell (sabbath w/ Dio), Motorhead, and Testament on Sunday with Penry and the WOWCH brothers and oh man was it ever good.  Here's the run down:

1. Motorhead- Sorry Lemmy, every song sounds exactly the same- good thing that one song fucking rips!

2. Heaven & Hell - I'm shocked that people still dislike the Dio era Sabbath.  Those records are great and he still sounds AMAZING!  Only downside to their set is that Dio took away the crowds beach balls like an angry old lady, they didn't play Neon Knights, and Dio looks exactly like my friend Eric's Mom.

3. Judas Priest- So, so good.  Even though they opened with Nostradamus off their new record and their stage set up look like Insane Clown Posse set pieces covered in tribal tattoos they still sounded great.  Halford rode out on a motorcycle for the encore! But sadly no "Ripper."   

4. It cost $10.

5. No Beer.  How is that legal? 

6. We were so inspired we started a band at the venue.  It's called Dame Judy Dench (The Band).  I let you know when I figure out how to play drums- I guess waving the sticks around in the air isn't "proper playing."  We've got a 5" coming out on Slap-a-Ham in October.

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jeralyn said...

Zack told me this was good, but he didn't do it justice. SLAP A HAM! I have one of those blearrrrhghghghghghs.... 84 songs, 73 bands, one tiny little record!