Saturday, September 6, 2008

Great, Now I Reek of Putrifacation!

Just got home from the Carcass reunion show and gee whiz was it something else.  Six bands in about 7 hours.  Fuck, death metal, gimmie a break already!  Carcass, Suffocation, Necrophagist, 1349, Aborted, and Rotten Sound.  Did I get there early like a total d-bag? Yep.  Was I soaking wet from waiting in line in the rain? You bet.

So first some advice.  If you are considering buying an Aborted record, you can pretty much skip it.  Bummer City.  But, if you are into to awesome bands who shred super hard, why not run over to Coconuts and pick up the 1349 and Necrophagist records.  Suffocation was pretty sweet too even though t he singer looked like he was in the UFC and kept saying weird stuff like "This song is pretty much all about killing."  Pretty much?  What is the rest of it about?  He also said he wanted to bathe in his manager's entrails, and that was meant to be a compliment. 

Carcass were, of course, amazing.  I was psyched that they played my fav track off "Swan Song" which I know is a poser record, but what the f?  I like what I like.  The most brutal part of the night-when the original drummer (who went from brain dead to comatose) joined the band for a drum solo.  

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