Monday, September 8, 2008

The Party That You'll Never Forget!

Superfans, I'm sorry that Bullshit well has been dry for a while, but thirst no longer as now your cup will soon runneth over with Bullshit!  We have two super sweet shows that we are playing this week back to back and belly to belly.  

1.WOWCH (world famous t-shirt purveyors and hollywood provocateurs) and What's your Rupture (record industry giants) present PIZZA PARTY on Sept 11th.  Sure two bands backed out because of pressure from  James Franco but not us!
Expect the expected.  Sweet jamz from us and awesome jamz from Max and Kevin. 10pm! CakeShop! 152 LudlowSt! 3bucks!!

2. Fresh Kills (old buds and just old) have a new record that just popped out of their music vaginas and it is killer.  To celebrate they invited us and Babydayliner to play with them at Glasslands.  Oh and guess what, Nick Zinner (yeah, yeah, yeah we know him) is going to play records.  Fun? You better believe it.  Good times, and great oldies (meaning Fresh Kills). Sept 12th! glASSLands! Franklin btwn S1st and S2nd!

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