Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Am Partially Responsible For This.

At my good friend Lauren's birthday party last year I spent some time with the above gentleman who told me of his upcoming appearance on Jeopardy and his desire to write his name in the shape of a penis but was having little to no luck in the design.  My reply was, "Oh you are in good hands my friend as I have a very keen ability to turn almost anything into a penis."  And turn it I did.  My bar napkin sketch made it on national TV and prouder I could not be.  Guess what folks, he took this concept and ran with it.  He basically became a professor of amazing hilarity at Super Funny University when he was announced  as a "self proclaimed gadabout" wore an ascot and kept winking at the camera.  Genius, thy name is John Munson.   God truly don't make no junk.  Watch some highlights here and the whole episode here.

If you want a word turned into a penis come out to the free show tonight at Glasslands and I'll be happy to oblige.  

p.s. John once told me he went to a Great Gatsby themed party (no surprise there) and was served drinks on the back of a sea turtle (surprise).  Moral is...the rich are better than us.

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