Friday, January 23, 2009


So, next Saturday I am going to see Metallica with some serious old buddies (oh did I mention-FRONT ROW SEATS).  Anyfart, I am pretty fucking excited about it-and apparently so is my freind Eric that I'm going with.  Here's an email I got today...

all right gentlemen… one week to go!


Here’s the plan: meet at Garlock’s at 12pm next Saturday (Jan 31st).


What to bring: cash, photo ID, warm clothes, a head that’s ready to bang and a liver that’s ready to be punished. I’ll have assorted beers and goodies as usual… if you have a METALLICA favorite that you want to help break your cherry with, bring it!


…and around 9:25pm I’ll be able to say to all to you guys: “ehhh… you broke your cherry!!!”

A-MAY-ZING.  This email did everything it was supposed to do. It was informative and got me super pumped. "bring... a head that's ready to bang and a liver that ready to be punished."  What is he? Shakespeare?  Actually fuck you Shakespeare, that sentence rules harder than anything in "Cymbaline."  (Which I a park.  So I should know).  Expect a full, detailed update post show.  I'm about to become "Unforgiven 4."

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