Monday, January 5, 2009

Best Records of '08!

I know, I know, you're all sick of these but I definitely feel like a lot of these records went unheralded and also who's more qualified to write music journalism than an untrained idiot with free reign to publish anything he/she wants on the internet!

Best Metal Record:
It's a tie!
Shrieker "Behead The Heads of State" and Ghriskanopf "Unfortunate Nightvisions"
It was impossible to choose between the amazingly authentic thrash throwback of Shrieker, and the super dark black metal of Ghriskanopf so I chose them both. 

Best Shrieker Track: "Let's Hear it For Beer!"
Best Ghriskanopf track: duh, the only one on the record "Noisesome Ash Crown" 35 minutes of pure hate!

Best Dance Record:
Jus Harland "It Feels So Real (Klaus VonStich Dirty Wax Mix)" 12"
It's been a while since the boys at Righteous Grooves have released such a perfect club track. While the original bangs- the vocal track brings it down a bit and that's why I chose VonStich's masterful remix.   

Best Hip Hop:
Boozie Wyde "Double Down Crew: Doin Thangs Mixtape Vol. 3"
Hands down the most consistent MC in the game, Boozie Wyde has flattened the competition again with Vol. 3 of Doin' Thangs.  With the Nevada hip-hop scene getting so much media attention it's hard to imagine that Boozie isn't next up to bat. 

Best Track: "It Ain't Never Nothing Ever" feat. Rebone, Fat Tig, and Juicy

Best Hardcore Record:
Bookcheck "If You Can Read This Than Fuck You" 7"
An anti-learning sXe band? You better believe it!  This 7" shreds from top to bottom.  It even includes a list of the only things you are allowed to read:
1. Hardcore Lyrics from '83 to '91
2. Schism Fanzine
3. Notes from Mother
4. Show Flyers
5. Lady Chatterly's Lover
Rumor has it that the bassist was caught reading in the bathroom before a show and was kicked out of Bookcheck only to start pro-learning band Thinktank. Can't wait!

Best Track : "Hey Freud, Fuck You!" tied with "You Think Your(sic) Better Than Me?"

Best Indie Record:
No such thing.

Best Reissue:
The Dirty Dingus MacGee Band "This is Dingus"
Members of Moby Grabe and Fat Urchin joined forces to make this amazing boogie rock record that came and went and is now, finally, coming again.  Intricate guitar work and precision drumming that you've come to expect from Rick Doubin and Co..  A must for rock fans!

Best Track: "Highway Lady (How the Breast Was Won)"

Feel free to put some of your fav's in the comments section!

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Sam said...

Even thou it was leaked last year I think Phillabong's "B'Morerissey" (Club Chub Mix) should definitely be on this list. Hold your head haters cause these cats have no Brotherly Love, taking (or is that licking) shots at everyone from Diplo to Camplo over tropicana synths in this bass heavy banger.

European peeps might recognize it from web only ads for the Ford "Ka" subcompact.